Angular dependences of third harmonic generation from microdroplets

  title={Angular dependences of third harmonic generation from microdroplets},
  author={J{\'e}r{\^o}me Kasparian and Bernard Kramer and J. P. Dewitz and Stefan Vajda and Patrick Rairoux and B. Vezin and V{\'e}ronique Boutou and Thomas Leisner and Wolfgang Hubner and J. P. Wolf and Ludger Woste and K. H. Bennemann},
  journal={Physical Review Letters},
We present experimental and theoretical results for the angular dependence of third harmonic generation of water droplets in the micrometer range (size parameter $62l\mathrm{ka}l248$). The third harmonic generation signal in $p$ and $s$ polarization obtained with ultrashort laser pulses is compared with a recently developed nonlinear extension of classical Mie theory including multipoles of order $l\ensuremath{\le}250$. Both theory and experiment yield over a wide range of size parameters… 
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It is found that the interference effect between these two processes can be used to improve the conversion efficiency and the saturation of the nonlinear conversion is mitigated and the third-harmonic conversion efficiency is increased.
Measuring the electric charge in cloud droplets by use of second-harmonic generation.
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