Angle-resolved photoemission from epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-x(001) films.

  title={Angle-resolved photoemission from epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-x(001) films.},
  author={Sakisaka and Komeda and Maruyama and Onchi and Katō and Aiura and Yanashima and Terashima and Bando and Iijima and Ikuo Yamamoto and Hirata},
  journal={Physical review. B, Condensed matter},
  volume={39 4},
Angle-resolved photoemission from epitaxially grown YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7-//sub x/(001) single-crystal thin films reveals a clear Fermi edge and fine structure near the edge. Some of the valence-band photoemission features show k-space dispersion. These new results suggest that the electronic structure of this oxide can be treated within the framework of the one-electron band picture. 

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