Angiotensinogen promoter sequence variants in essential hypertension.

  title={Angiotensinogen promoter sequence variants in essential hypertension.},
  author={Digna R. Velez and Mallikarjunrao Guruju and Govindaiah Vinukonda and Alicia M Prater and Ashok Kumar and Scott M. Williams},
  journal={American journal of hypertension},
  volume={19 12},
BACKGROUND Essential hypertension is a complex multifactorial disease caused by ill-defined genetic factors. The angiotensinogen (AGT) gene has been implicated as a risk factor in essential hypertension. METHODS To assess the role of AGT in hypertension, we evaluated two polymorphisms (A-6G and C-20A) in the 5' region of the gene that have been shown to have a role in transcriptional regulation. A total of 463 subjects were studied: 243 African Americans (26 male and 34 female normotensives… CONTINUE READING

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