Angiotensinogen genotype and plasma volume in nulligravid women.

  title={Angiotensinogen genotype and plasma volume in nulligravid women.},
  author={Ira M. Bernstein and Wendy Ziegler and William S. Stirewalt and John R. Brumsted and Kenneth Ward},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={92 2},
OBJECTIVE To determine if nonpregnant plasma volume is altered in women who are homozygous for the T 235 coding angiotensinogen allele, which predisposes women to an increased risk of preeclampsia. METHODS We measured plasma volume by Evans blue dilution and analyzed it as a function of angiotensinogen genotype in 15 nulligravid women during midfollicular phase of 26 menstrual cycles. Eleven women were evaluated during two cycles, and four women were evaluated in one cycle. Fourteen women… CONTINUE READING