Angiotensinogen and kininogen: cloning and sequence analysis of the cDNAs.

  title={Angiotensinogen and kininogen: cloning and sequence analysis of the cDNAs.},
  author={Shigetada Nakanishi and Hiroaki Ohkubo and Hiroyuki Nawa and Naomi Kitamura and Ryochiro Kageyama and Maki Ujihara},
  journal={Clinical and experimental hypertension. Part A, Theory and practice},
  volume={5 7-8},
The primary structures of the angiotensinogen precursor and the low molecular weight (LMW) kininogen precursors have been deduced by determining the nucleotide sequences of cloned DNAs complementary to their mRNAs. The angiotensinogen precursor consists of a mature angiotensinogen of 453 amino acid residues and a putative signal peptide of 24 amino acid residues. An angiotensin moiety is located at the amino-terminal part of angiotensinogen, preceded directly by the signal peptide and followed… CONTINUE READING


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