Angiotensin-converting enzyme and enkephalinase in human breast cyst fluid.


Palpable breast cysts with an apocrine epithelial lining (type 1) are reported to be associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The composition of breast cyst fluid (BCF) might include those factors involved in this increased risk. In this study peptidase activities that were active against the substrate [125I]metenkephalin-Arg-Phe were… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/bjc.1996.440


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@article{Frame1996AngiotensinconvertingEA, title={Angiotensin-converting enzyme and enkephalinase in human breast cyst fluid.}, author={Kenneth Frame and Kristen K. Patton and M. J. Reed and Margaret W Ghilchik and Dianne Parish}, journal={British Journal of Cancer}, year={1996}, volume={74}, pages={807 - 813} }