Angiotensin II and the control of cardiovascular structure.

  title={Angiotensin II and the control of cardiovascular structure.},
  author={Richard E. Pratt},
  journal={Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN},
  volume={10 Suppl 11},
  • Richard E. Pratt
  • Published 1999 in
    Journal of the American Society of Nephrology…
The structure and function of the vessel wall are dependent on the balance of several counteracting forces, i.e., vasoconstricting versus vasodilating, growth-promoting versus growth-inhibiting, and proapoptotic versus antiapoptotic. In a normal healthy vessel, these factors are closely balanced. However, under pathophysiologic conditions this balance is upset, resulting in the development of vascular hypertrophy and the generation of vascular lesions. For example, during the initiation and… CONTINUE READING
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