Angiographic follow-up after placement of a self-expanding coronary-artery stent.

  title={Angiographic follow-up after placement of a self-expanding coronary-artery stent.},
  author={P. W. Serruys and Bradley H. Strauss and Kevin J. Beatt and Michel E. Bertrand and Jacques Puel and Anthony F Rickards and Bernhard Meier and J J Goy and Pierre Vogt and Lukas Kappenberger},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={324 1},
BACKGROUND The placement of stents in coronary arteries after coronary angioplasty has been investigated as a way of treating abrupt coronary-artery occlusion related to the angioplasty and of reducing the late intimal hyperplasia responsible for gradual restenosis of the dilated lesion. METHODS From March 1986 to January 1988, we implanted 117 self-expanding, stainless-steel endovascular stents (Wallstent) in the native coronary arteries (94 stents) or saphenous-vein bypass grafts (23 stents… CONTINUE READING
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