Angioedema hereditario en Medellín, Colombia: evaluación clínica y de la calidad de vida

  title={Angioedema hereditario en Medell{\'i}n, Colombia: evaluaci{\'o}n cl{\'i}nica y de la calidad de vida},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Dulfary S{\'a}nchez and J A Cuervo and D. Theodore Rave and Gustavo Clemen and Juan Jos{\'e} Yepes-Nu{\~n}ez and Blanca Ortiz-Reyes and Sara Elizabeth Sus and Ricardo Cardona},
Introduction: Hereditary angioedema is an autosomal dominant primary immunodeficiency caused by a deficiency of the C1 inhibitor protein and characterized by recurrent episodes of subcutaneous and mucosal edema. Unpredictable and frequent crisis of angioedema affect the quality of life of individuals suffering this kind of disorder. Objective: To analyze the clinical characteristics of a family with an index case of hereditary angioedema and to determine the impact of this disease on their… CONTINUE READING