Angioblastoma (Nakagawa)--is it the same as tufted angioma?

  title={Angioblastoma (Nakagawa)--is it the same as tufted angioma?},
  author={Kwang Hyun Cho and Stanley H. Kim and Key Chung Park and Ae Young Lee and Kye Yong Song and Je Geun Chi and Y S Lee and Kyoung Jin Kim},
  journal={Clinical and experimental dermatology},
  volume={16 2},
Four children affected by intradermal vascular proliferations are presented. The clinicopathological findings closely resemble those of cases described as angioblastoma, a familiar entity in the Japanese literature. Some people suggest that angioblastoma is the same as the tufted angioma described by Wilson-Jones. We found localized hyperhidrosis in two of… CONTINUE READING