Aneurysms of the proximal anterior cerebral artery.

  title={Aneurysms of the proximal anterior cerebral artery.},
  author={Jyoji Handa and Yoko Nakasu and Masayuki Matsuda and Kazuhiko Kyoshima},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={22 5},
The authors report eight cases of aneurysm of the anterior cerebral artery proximal to the anterior communicating artery (A1 segment). In six of these cases, the aneurysms arose from the proximal anterior cerebral artery at the origin of either a cortical branch (on case), the accessory middle cerebral artery (one case), or a perforating branch (four cases). In another case the aneurysm arose at the proximal end of the fenestration, whereas in the one remaining case no branch was present at the… CONTINUE READING


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