Aneuploidy: a report of an ECETOC task force.

  title={Aneuploidy: a report of an ECETOC task force.},
  author={Marilyn J. Aardema and Silvio Albertini and Peter Arni and Leigh M Henderson and Micheline Kirsch-Volders and Jane M. Mackay and Awni M. Sarrif and David Alexander Stringer and R D F M Taalman},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={410 1},
Aneuploidy plays a significant role in adverse human health conditions including birth defects, pregnancy wastage and cancer. Although there is clear evidence of chemically induced aneuploidy in experimental systems, to date there are insufficient data to determine with certainty if chemically induced aneuploidy contributes to human disease. However, since there is no reason to assume that chemically induced aneuploidy will not occur in human beings, it is prudent to address the aneugenic… CONTINUE READING