Anemia in remote interior communities in Sarawak, Malaysia.

  title={Anemia in remote interior communities in Sarawak, Malaysia.},
  author={D D Sagin and Ghenwa Ismail and Marlyn Mohamad and Elizabeth Pang and O T Sya},
  journal={The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health},
  volume={33 2},
A cross-sectional survey of 365 individuals, (51.9% males, 48.1% females; ages 5-85 years), from five remote interior communities in upper Rejang River basin Sarawak, Malaysia, found 24.4% were anemic. The range and mean of Hb concentration in male and female were: 7.2-17.0 mg/ml and 13.7 mg/ml and 7.9-15.7 mg/ml and 12.9 mg/ml respectively. Amongst the… CONTINUE READING