Anemia and transfusions in geriatric patients: a time for evaluation.

  title={Anemia and transfusions in geriatric patients: a time for evaluation.},
  author={Ingo Beyer and Nathalie Compt{\'e} and Aristita Busuioc and Sarah Cappelle and Charlotte Lanoy and Ephraim Cytryn},
  volume={15 2},
Anemia is common in the elderly, especially in very old patients who are often frail and may be institutionalized. Senescence, the ageing process, puts the elderly at risk of developing anemia for multiple reasons, but anemia may not be attributed to senescence unless a thorough diagnostic workup has excluded other etiologies. Nutritional deficiencies are common and need to be identified and treated appropriately. Inflammatory diseases and renal failure are also frequent etiological factors and… CONTINUE READING