Androgyny and Otherness: Exploring the West Through the Japanese Performative Body

  title={Androgyny and Otherness: Exploring the West Through the Japanese Performative Body},
  author={Erica Stevens Abbitt},
  journal={Asian Theatre Journal},
  pages={249 - 256}
  • E. Abbitt
  • Published 1 September 2001
  • History
  • Asian Theatre Journal
The way of the Western practitioner or scholar wishing to analyze contemporary Japanese theatre in terms of gender and culture is fraught with peril. How is it possible to apply critical theory without imposing Western perceptions or using master narratives that reduce and conquer the "foreign"? This essay focuses on a recurring figure in Japanese literature and drama -- a hero of ambivalent sexuality and gender who uses a cloak of invisibility to pass through boundaries -- and considers its… 
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