Androgens and androgen receptor: Above and beyond

  title={Androgens and androgen receptor: Above and beyond},
  author={Douglas A. Gibson and Philippa T. K. Saunders and Iain J McEwan},
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Deficiency in Androgen Receptor Aggravates Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Pathophysiology and Motor Deficits in Mice

The results strongly suggest that ARs play a role in TBI, with ARKO mice showing a more unsatisfactory performance than wild-type mice in a motor function test following TBI and having more severe lesions after injury.

The Role of Androgens and Androgen Receptor in Human Bladder Cancer

The available data are summarized that help to explain the role of the AR in the development and progression of bladder cancer, as well as the therapies used for its treatment.

Effects on Steroid 5-Alpha Reductase Gene Expression of Thai Rice Bran Extracts and Molecular Dynamics Study on SRD5A2

The findings identify α-tocopherol as the key bioactive in TRB; it could be developed as an anti-hair loss product and downregulates the expression of SRD5A genes and inhibits SRD 5A2 activity, actions that are comparable to standard finasteride.

Androgen receptor DNA methylation is an independent determinant of glucose metabolic disorders in women; testosterone plays a moderating effect

This work aimed to explore the independent associations of AR DNA methylation (ARm) with IFG and T2D and the moderation effects of serum testosterone on the associations.

Non-canonical dimerization of the androgen receptor and other nuclear receptors: implications for human disease.

The role played by AR dysregulation in both prostate cancer and androgen insensitivity syndromes is focused on, but also conditions linked to mutations of the GR gene as well as those in a non-steroidal receptor, the thyroid hormone receptor (TR).



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