Androgen receptor gene mutation in male breast cancer.

  title={Androgen receptor gene mutation in male breast cancer.},
  author={Jean Marc A Lobaccaro and Serge Lumbroso and Ch Belon and F Galtier-Dereure and Jacques Bringer and Thierry Lesimple and Moise Namer and Bruno Cutuli and Henri Pujol and Ch Sultan},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={2 11},
We screened thirteen male breast cancers for the presence of germline mutations in exons 2 and 3 encoding the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor. These two exons were amplified from genomic DNA extracted from patients' white blood cells. In one of these thirteen patients, single strand conformation polymorphism and direct sequencing detected a guanine-adenine point mutation at nucleotide 2185 that changes Arg608 into Lys in a highly conserved region of the second zinc finger of the… CONTINUE READING


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