Androgen deprivation therapy and cardiac function: effects of endurance training


Purpose: This study examined the effects of an 8-week androgen deprivation therapy treatment using Zoladex and an endurance training regimen on cardiac function.Methods: Male Sprague–Dawley rats received either Zoladex or placebo. Animals remained sedentary or endurance trained during the drug treatment period. On day 57, ex vivo cardiac function was analyzed.Results: Hearts from sedentary animals receiving Zoladex possessed significant cardiac dysfunction. However, hearts from exercise trained rats receiving Zoladex possessed cardiac function values similar to those from hearts from placebo animals.Conclusions: An 8-week treatment with Zoladex promoted cardiac dysfunction. Endurance training during Zoladex treatment protected against this cardiac dysfunction.

DOI: 10.1038/sj.pcan.4500890


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