Androgen-activating enzymes in the central nervous system.

  title={Androgen-activating enzymes in the central nervous system.},
  author={Angelo Poletti and L. Martini},
  journal={The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={69 1-6},
In the rat brain, several steroids can be converted by specific enzymes to either more potent compounds or to derivatives showing new biological effects. One of the most studied enzyme is the 5alpha-reductase (5alpha-R), which acts on 3keto-delta4 steroids. In males, testosterone is the main substrate and gives rise to the most potent natural androgen dihydrotestosterone. In females, progesterone is reduced to dihydroprogesterone, a precursor of allopregnanolone, a natural anxiolytic/anesthetic… CONTINUE READING
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