Androgen-Dependent Neurodegeneration by Polyglutamine-Expanded Human Androgen Receptor in Drosophila

  title={Androgen-Dependent Neurodegeneration by Polyglutamine-Expanded Human Androgen Receptor in Drosophila},
  author={Ken-ichi Takeyama and Saya Ito and Ayako Yamamoto and Hiromu Tanimoto and Takashi Furutani and Hirotaka Kanuka and Masayuki Miura and Tetsuya Tabata and Shigeaki Kato},
Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA) is an X-linked, adult-onset, neurodegenerative disorder affecting only males and is caused by expanded polyglutamine (polyQ) stretches in the N-terminal A/B domain of human androgen receptor (hAR). Although no overt phenotype was detected in adult fly eye photoreceptor neurons expressing mutant hAR (polyQ 52), ingestion of androgen or its known antagonists caused marked neurodegeneration with nuclear localization and structural alteration of the hAR… CONTINUE READING


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