Andrews–Gordon type identities from combinations of Virasoro characters

  title={Andrews–Gordon type identities from combinations of Virasoro characters},
  author={B. Feigin and O. Foda and T. Welsh},
  journal={The Ramanujan Journal},
  • B. Feigin, O. Foda, T. Welsh
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • The Ramanujan Journal
  • Abstract For p∈{3,4} and all p′>p, with p′ coprime to p, we obtain fermionic expressions for the combination χ1,sp,p′+qΔχp−1,sp,p′ of Virasoro (W2) characters for various values of s, and particular choices of Δ. Equating these expressions with known product expressions, we obtain q-series identities which are akin to the Andrews–Gordon identities. For p=3, these identities were conjectured by Bytsko. For p=4, we obtain identities whose form is a variation on that of the p=3 cases. These… CONTINUE READING
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