Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic

  title={Andrew Wyeth: Memory \& Magic},
  author={Anne Knutson and J. V. Wilmerding and Chris Crosman and Kathleen A. Foster and Michael Rupert Taylor},
While striving for a comprehensiveness that is appropriate to the breadth and scope of Wyeth's prolific oeuvre, "Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic" will focus on the artist's ongoing love affair with everyday things - domestic, natural and architectural. Found throughout Wyeth's portraits, landscapes and domestic interiors, these objects form patterns that illuminate core themes and reveal the artist wrestling with issues of memory, temporality, embodiment, and the metaphysical. The book will… 

On the Threshold of Illness and Emotional Isolation

Andrew Wyeth spent hours painting objects, only to lament that he could “never get close enough to an object or inside of it enough”, but the telescopic views of the domestic implements he painted throughout his career show this early still-life training.