Andalusian , Gypsy , and Class Identity in the Contemporary Flamenco Complex

  title={Andalusian , Gypsy , and Class Identity in the Contemporary Flamenco Complex},
  author={Peter Lamarche Manuel},
Flamenco: Contemporary Research Dilemmas; Flamenco: współczesne dylematy badawcze
Contemporary vantage points on various types of flamenco differ vastly. This disparity is visible among flamenco aficionados, performers and while analyzing academic attitudes. The paper exploresExpand
Folk Music and Dance: Imaginary Images of Modern Nationhood
  • R. Gustafson
  • History
  • Exploring Diasporic Perspectives in Music Education
  • 2020
In this chapter, I argue that the ethnic, racial, and national identities of folk music in multicultural approaches to music teaching have lagged behind recent writing on the marginalizing effects ofExpand
Spanish Musical Responses to Moroccan Immigration and the Cultural Memory of al-Andalus
Abstract The notion of a shared history across the Mediterranean is central to a number of Spanish-Moroccan musical collaborations, which draw on the notion of convivencia: the alleged peacefulExpand
Cubaneo in Latin Piano: A Parametric Approach to Gesture, Texture, and Motivic Variation
In an attempt to classify and quantify precise parameters involved in hybridity, this dissertation presents a paradigmatic model, organizing music into vocabularies, repertories, and abstract procedures. Expand
Domains of public activity in touristic flamenco shows
The article explores the perseverance of particular aspects of flamenco popular culture. It focuses on the touristic manifestations of the Andalusian genre and their historical reconfigurations.Expand
World Music and Activism Since the End of History [sic]
While the decline of protest music in the USA has often been noted, a global perspective reveals that progressive, activist protest musics occupied lively niches in many music cultures worldwideExpand
Nuevo flamenco : re-imaging flamenco in post-dictatorship Spain
iv Acknowledgements v Introduction 1 Chapter One The Gitano Atlantic: the Impact of Flamenco in Modal Jazz and its Reciprocal Influence in the Origins of Nuevo Flamenco 2
The Zambra, Tourism and Discourses of Authenticity in Granada’s Flamenco Scene
This research was made viable through a doctoral studentship at the School of Music. Finally, I would like to thank the Leverhulme Trust for my current fellowship, which has enabled me to write upExpand
Flamenco zwischen Diskurs, heritagization und lokaler Praxis
Flamenco ist ein vorrangig in Andalusien verankerter Musikund Tanzstil, der seit dem 19. Jahrhundert gut dokumentiert ist (vgl. Kenrick 1998: 60) und seitdem eine rasche Verfeinerung,Expand


Popular Musics of the Non-Western World: An Introductory Survey
Evolution and Structure in Flamenco Harmony
The unprecedented vogue and revitalization of flamenco since the early 1960s have generated a considerable amount of scholarly literature on the subject, written primarily by Spaniards. TheseExpand
Historia de la mzsica pop espanola
  • 1986
Pensamientopolitico en el canteflamenco
  • 1985
Pueblo y politica en el cante jondo
  • Seville: Servicio de Publicaciones del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
  • 1980