And now what? Time for daring innovation.

  title={And now what? Time for daring innovation.},
  author={Clicerio Gonz{\'a}lez Villalpando and Ruy L{\'o}pez Ridaura and Eduardo Lazcano Ponce and Ma Elena Gonz{\'a}lez Villalpando},
  journal={Salud publica de Mexico},
  volume={52 Suppl 1},
S80 salud pública de méxico / vol. 52, suplemento x de 2010 González-Villalpando et al. T he results presented in this issue of Salud Pública de México are without any doubt, a clear description of a daunting panorama for our country. The most important resource for us, our people, is suffering severe consequences in their health (during their prime and… CONTINUE READING