And after the Cross-Dressed Cabin Boys and Whaling Wives?

  title={And after the Cross-Dressed Cabin Boys and Whaling Wives?},
  author={Jo Stanley},
  journal={The Journal of Transport History},
  pages={22 - 9}
  • J. Stanley
  • Published 1 March 2002
  • History, Sociology
  • The Journal of Transport History
Women's maritime historiography--the study of women and gender relations in relation to the sea--is part of maritime history, women's studies, and gender studies. 'Gender' is taken to mean differences that are socially constructed, not biological in origin, as is someone's sex. This article deals with both the putting of women into historical account and the analysis of the gendered discourses and images pertaining to the sea, ships, sailing, and coastal zones. It looks at both the labor… 

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