And Introducing. . . The Female Director: Documentaries about Women Filmmakers as Feminist Activism

  title={And Introducing. . . The Female Director: Documentaries about Women Filmmakers as Feminist Activism},
  author={Kelly Hankin},
  journal={NWSA Journal},
  pages={59 - 88}
  • Kelly Hankin
  • Published 6 April 2007
  • Art, Sociology
  • NWSA Journal
Statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest that, in both the Hollywood and commercial independent film industries, female directors are not given the same support and opportunities as their male counterparts. As a result, there are a number of activist projects and organizations working to challenge and raise awareness about this inequity. This essay examines the role a new genre of documentary plays in this larger activist endeavor. Beginning in the 1990s, several documentaries emerged… 


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