Ancient substructure in early mtDNA lineages of southern Africa.

  title={Ancient substructure in early mtDNA lineages of southern Africa.},
  author={Chiara Barbieri and M{\'a}rio Vicente and Jorge Rocha and Sununguko Wata Mpoloka and M. Stoneking and Brigitte Pakendorf},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={92 2},
Among the deepest-rooting clades in the human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) phylogeny are the haplogroups defined as L0d and L0k, which are found primarily in southern Africa. These lineages are typically present at high frequency in the so-called Khoisan populations of hunter-gatherers and herders who speak non-Bantu languages, and the early divergence of these lineages led to the hypothesis of ancient genetic substructure in Africa. Here we update the phylogeny of the basal haplogroups L0d and… CONTINUE READING
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