Ancient graphite in the Eoarchean quartz – pyroxene rocks from Akilia in southern West Greenland I : Petrographic and spectroscopic characterization

  title={Ancient graphite in the Eoarchean quartz – pyroxene rocks from Akilia in southern West Greenland I : Petrographic and spectroscopic characterization},
  author={Dominic Papineau and Bradley T. De Gregorio and George D. Cody and Marc D. Fries and Stephen J. Mojzsis and Andrew Steele and Rhonda M. Stroud and Marilyn Louise Fogel},
Because all known Eoarchean (>3.65 Ga) volcano-sedimentary terranes are locked in granitoid gneiss complexes that have experienced high degrees of metamorphism and deformation, the origin and mode of preservation of carbonaceous material in the oldest metasedimentary rocks remain a subject of vigorous debate. To determine the biogenicity of carbon in graphite in such rocks, carbonaceous material must be demonstrably indigenous and its composition should be consistent with thermally altered… CONTINUE READING


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