Ancient Maya music now with sound

  title={Ancient Maya music now with sound},
  author={Cameron Hideo Bourg},
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Feast and Sacrifice at El Perú-Waka’: The N14-2 Deposit as Dedication

The PARI Journal 10(2):1-19. event in the archaeological record. It is a large and complex deposit, one deserving the special treatment given here, as opposed to remaining buried in the gray



Music in primitive culture

Construction of Ancient Mexican Terracotta Pitch-Pipes and Flageolets

THE smooth internal structure of the pitch-pipes' and flageolets of baked clay, or terra-cotta, manufactured by the ancient Mexican potters, suggest that they have been modeled upon forms of some

World history of the dance

More inclusive than any other art, the dance has been associated with every phase of human life. In relation to their historical setting the author deals with the magic powers attributed to the

Music of the Maya

On connaissait l'attrait des Mayas pour la musique, a travers les chroniques espagnoles, les fresques et autres sources. Tambours, sifflets, baguettes, trompettes, flutes diverses et autres