Ancient Greek medicine as the foundation of contemporary medicine

  title={Ancient Greek medicine as the foundation of contemporary medicine},
  author={Vasiliki Kanellou},
  journal={Techniques in Coloproctology},
  • V. Kanellou
  • Published 1 November 2004
  • Medicine
  • Techniques in Coloproctology
Kingston University London, UK E-mail: the dead to life; this angered the ruler of the dead, Hades, who complained to the ruler of all gods, Zeus. Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt in order to maintain peace and order. Nevertheless, the great Zeus realised the good Asclepius had brought to man and, thus, made him into a god and placed him among the stars; Asclepius was transformed into the constellation Ophiuchus (serpent-bearer). The main attribute of Asclepius, a… 
The cardiovascular system in the pre-Hippocratic era.
On the hippocratic facies.
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  • 2008
Oncologists have many tools at their disposal to predict the prognosis of patients with cancer: computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, and various cytogenetic
Miracle Foods: Quinoa, Curative Metaphors, and the Depoliticization of Global Hunger Politics
Since the post–World War II “discovery” of global malnutrition and the concomitant rise of the development apparatus, various “miracle foods” have been proposed by international development
Medicine in Philately Hematology and Oncology with Stamps
This paper provides an overview to the main historical aspects of hematology and leukemia through philately.


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    Proceedings 40th Annual 2006 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology
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His recent work is focused on developing computational methods for integrated, multi-cohort analysis of publically available data to increase the sample size as well as better account for heterogeneity observed in real world patient population.
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