Ancient Egyptian Rhetoric in the Old and Middle Kingdoms

  title={Ancient Egyptian Rhetoric in the Old and Middle Kingdoms},
  author={David Hutto},
  journal={Rhetorica-a Journal of The History of Rhetoric},
  • D. Hutto
  • Published 1 August 2002
  • Sociology
  • Rhetorica-a Journal of The History of Rhetoric
The rhetorical ideas inherited from the Greeks have established the notion that skilled use of language is always indicated by eloquent expression, and that silence is either an aberration or a lack of skill. As we penetrate the silence that has surrounded one of the great civilizations of the earth, however, and look at Egyptian rhetoric, we find alternative views on what makes a skilled speaker. While the Egyptians esteemed eloquent speaking, a skill that in fact had a very high value in… 
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hetorical theory is traditionally thought to have originated with the Greeks. Without attempting to deprive Corax and Tisias of their place of honor, I would like to claim for the ancient Egyptians
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  • A. Ferrara
  • History
    Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • 1995
L'etude porte sur la litterature sumerienne redigee en ecriture cuneiforme en Assyrie. Il s'agit d'etudier le terme topos definit comme un trait de rhetorique. L'A. presente divers exemples de textes
Four Thousand Years of Evolution: On a Law of Historical Change in Ancient Egyptian
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  • 1997
L'A. decrit et explique une loi essentielle de changement syntaxique apparaissant dans l'histoire de la langue egyptienne. Cette loi est comparable a celle de Wackernagel parce qu'elle traite de
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