Anchylostoma Duodenale *Read at Indian the Medical Congress, Dec. 1894.


" Even in cases of so-called beri-beri is the presence of the anchylostoma in them convincing evidence that they alone cause tbe disease and in the way suggested ? I think not."?Surg.-Major Dobson, Assam.?Report, 1892,^;. 66. " I altogether doubt the existence of any specific disease to which the term ankylostomiasis can be justly applied. * * * I maintain that it has yet to be shown that the presence of these parasites gives rise to a specific disorder or disease due, i.e., < xclusively or even principally, to their occurrence in any quantity or numbers in the bowel, and to which therefore the term anchylostomiasis may be applied."?Letter 263 of 2'3th July 1892. Dr. McConnel, Med. Inspector of Immigrants, Calcutta.

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