Ancestral hybridisation facilitated species diversification in the Lake Malawi cichlid fish adaptive radiation

  title={Ancestral hybridisation facilitated species diversification in the Lake Malawi cichlid fish adaptive radiation},
  author={Hannes Svardal and Fu Xiang Quah and Milan Malinsky and B. Ngatunga and Eric A. Miska and W. Salzburger and M. Genner and G. Turner and R. Durbin},
  • Hannes Svardal, Fu Xiang Quah, +6 authors R. Durbin
  • Published 2019
  • Biology
  • bioRxiv
  • The adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes in East Afrian Lake Malawi encompasses over 500 species that are believed to have evolved within the last 800 thousand years from a common founder population. It has been proposed that hybridisation between ancestral lineages can provide the genetic raw material to fuel such exceptionally high diversification rates, and evidence for this has recently been presented for the Lake Victoria Region cichlid superflock. Here we report that Lake Malawi cichlid… CONTINUE READING
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