Ancestral and derived attributes of the dlx gene repertoire, cluster structure and expression patterns in an African cichlid fish

  title={Ancestral and derived attributes of the dlx gene repertoire, cluster structure and expression patterns in an African cichlid fish},
  author={Adina J Renz and H. Gunter and Jan MF Fischer and H. Qiu and A. Meyer and Shigehiro Kuraku},
  pages={1 - 1}
  • Adina J Renz, H. Gunter, +3 authors Shigehiro Kuraku
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • EvoDevo
  • BackgroundCichlid fishes have undergone rapid, expansive evolutionary radiations that are manifested in the diversification of their trophic morphologies, tooth patterning and coloration. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie the cichlids' unique patterns of evolution requires a thorough examination of genes that pattern the neural crest, from which these diverse phenotypes are derived. Among those genes, the homeobox-containing Dlx gene family is of particular interest since it… CONTINUE READING
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