Anaxagoras and the Measurement of the Sun and Moon

  title={Anaxagoras and the Measurement of the Sun and Moon},
  author={Dirk L. Couprie},
According to the available sources, Anaxagoras compared the size of the sun and moon with that of the Peloponnesus. The relevant texts are the following: 11.1 The sun is much bigger than (πολλαπλάσιον) the Peloponnesus. 11.2 The sun exceeds (ὑπeρέχeιν) the Peloponnesus in size. 11.3 The sun is bigger (μeίζω) than the Peloponnesus. 11.4 Anaxagoras says that it (sc. the sun) is larger than (μeίζονα) the Peloponnesus. 11.5 The moon is as big as… Expand
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