Anatomy of the percutaneous presacral space for a novel fusion technique.

  title={Anatomy of the percutaneous presacral space for a novel fusion technique.},
  author={Philip S Yuan and Thomas F Day and Todd J. Albert and William B. Morrison and L S E Pimenta and Andrew H. Cragg and Michael Weinstein},
  journal={Journal of spinal disorders & techniques},
  volume={19 4},
OBJECTIVES Lumbar fusion has been widely used to treat unstable spinal disorders. Methods are evolving from open procedures to less invasive methods to avoid soft tissue trauma. Recently, a soft tissue sparing method to access the axial lumbosacral spine has been developed. It is crucial to determine structures potentially at risk for injury during this fusion technique. The anatomy of the presacral space and safety of the paracoccygeal approach were evaluated through cadaveric dissection and… CONTINUE READING
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