Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548 - I. A global model for the broadband spectral energy distribution

  title={Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548 - I. A global model for the broadband spectral energy distribution},
  author={Missagh Mehdipour and Jelle Sjerp Kaastra and Gerard Anthony Kriss and M. Cappi and P. -O. Petrucci and Katrien C. Steenbrugge and Nahum Arav and Emmanuel Behar and Stefano Bianchi and Rozenn Boissay and Graziella Branduardi-Raymont and Elisa Costantini and Jacobo Ebrero and Laura Di Gesu and Fiona Anne Harrison and Shai Kaspi and Barbara de Marco and Giorgio Matt and St'ephane Paltani and Bradley M. Peterson and Gabriele Ponti and Francisco Pozo Nu{\~n}ez and Alessandra De Rosa and Francesco Ursini and C. P. de Vries and D. J. Walton and M. Whewell},
An extensive multi-satellite campaign on NGC 5548 has revealed this archetypal Seyfert-1 galaxy to be in an exceptional state of persistent heavy absorption. Our observations taken in 2013-2014 with XMM-Newton, Swift, NuSTAR, INTEGRAL, Chandra, HST and two ground-based observatories have together enabled us to establish that this unexpected phenomenon is caused by an outflowing stream of weakly ionised gas (called the obscurer), extending from the vicinity of the accretion disk to the broad… CONTINUE READING


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B V Bessel, I filters.
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NGC 5548 translated most of the time into an extraction radius of 25 pixels

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Anatomy of the AGN in NGC

M. Mehdipour
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