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Anatomy of domestic animals. Volume V. Anatomy of birds.

  title={Anatomy of domestic animals. Volume V. Anatomy of birds.},
  author={B. Vollmerhaus and F. Sinowatz and J. Frewein and H. Waibl},
Macroscopic distribution of the renal artery and intrarenal arteries in mole rats (Spalax leucodon)
The kidneys of adult mole rats were conducted to describe the macro- and mesoscopic morphology of the renal arterial distribution and some additional anatomical features and a single renal artery was observed in 100% of the specimens. Expand
Morphometric and macroanatomic examination of auditory ossicles in male wolves (Canis lupus).
In the study, morphometric and macroanatomic features of auditory ossicles and tympanic bulla in wolf were determined and the differences were not statistically important when all the morphometric parameters were compared in terms of direction. Expand
Evaluating socioeconomic status using food utility indices in historical faunal assemblages
Evaluating socioeconomic status in complex societies using zooarchaeological data has been the focus of several studies in the past two decades. Taking a novel approach that uses a theoreticallyExpand
Branching Pattern of Coronary Arteries in Prenatal Heart of Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
The present investigation revealed that the left and right coronary arteries of buffalo foetii arose from the left caudal and right caudal aortic sinuses, respectively. After coursing a shortExpand
Macroscopic and Morphometric Studies of the Extrapulmonary Primary Bronchi and Lungs of the indigenous adult Male Pigeon (Columba domestica)
Macroscopical account of the extrapulmonary primary bronchi and lungs in the ten of the indigenous adult male pigeons collected from the Diwanyia city markets will provide a pivot for future research and subsequent clinical applications as regards to the biology of the pigeons. Expand
Morphometrical evaluation of some anatomical features in pig kidneys: are they different from human kidneys.
In this study we present morphometrical evaluation of some kidney’s anatomical characteristics in two different pig breeds reared in Macedonian farms in order to determinate whether the investigatedExpand
Morphometric analysis of the kidneys of the adult domesticated African great cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus)
The findings of this work provide baseline data that could be relevant in understanding the regional anatomy of the urinary system and the anatomical adaptation for water conservation in the animal. Expand