Anatomy of a process mapping workshop

  title={Anatomy of a process mapping workshop},
  author={Jan F{\"u}lscher and Stephen G. Powell},
  journal={Bus. Process. Manag. J.},
Many tools are in use for representing and analyzing business processes, but little information is available on how these tools are used in practice by process design teams. This paper analyzes one process mapping workshop in detail. Over three days, two facilitators and five representatives of the organization and business functions redesigned the core auto insurance business at a mid‐size Swiss insurance company. The mapping tool used during the session was IDEF0. The purpose of this paper is… 
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The axiomatic approach developed by Suh was an excellent tool for generating process designs and evaluating them, although some effort is required initially to understand the approach.
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A knowledge centred framework for collaborative business process modelling
Experiences from the use of the framework presented indicate that it stimulates interaction and makes participants more accountable for their modelling contributions, as well as aiding them to define, understand, document, analyze and improve business processes in a holistic manner.
Process mapping and scripting in the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) curriculum
The ability to understand, document, and suggest improvements for a business process is an important skill for an accounting student for the following reasons: (1) efficient business processes give
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[Abstract]: Today’s managers are turning to the functions of the supply chain to improve margins and gain competitive advantage. The explosion of the Internet and other e-business technologies has


Von der Strategie bis zum Workflow — Praxisbericht der Secura Versicherungen
Bei den SECURA-Versicherungen begannen sich einzelne Verantwortungstrager Mitte 1993 intensiv mit den Themen “Business Process Reengineering” und “Workflow-Management” auseinanderzusetzen. Neben den
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