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Anatomy of Armandia leptocirris Grube (Polychaeta)

  title={Anatomy of Armandia leptocirris Grube (Polychaeta)},
  author={P. Tampi},
  • P. Tampi
  • Published 1958
  • Biology
  • The genus Armandia is one of the three genera of subfamily Polyophthalminae belonging to the Family Opheliidae (Hempelmann, 1927) and includes four known species A . polyophthalma, A. cirrosa, A. lanceolata and A. leptocirris. Of these the last two species occur in restricted localities in the Indo-Pacific region and have been collected from the Indian Ocean in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mannar, around the Andaman Islands and the Mergui Archipelago (Fauvel, 1932) 
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