Anatomische und klinische Beitrge zur Parametritis posterior chronica 1 )

  title={Anatomische und klinische Beitrge zur Parametritis posterior chronica 1 )},
  author={L. Fraenkel},
  journal={Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift}
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Gynecologic laparoscopy has regained popularity since the introduction of video imaging and advanced technologies such as laser and fine mechanical accessories, but at this stage, when technologic advances are not supported by sufficient clinical data, the classic surgical approaches should not be abandoned. Expand
Paracervical uterine denervation by transection of the cervical plexus for the relief of dysmenorrhea.
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Reopening the cervical division of the Lee-Frankenhauser uterovaginal plexus with transected uterosacral ligaments permits sensory denervation of the cervix and fundus of the uterus and the proximal segment of the tubes and prevents regrowth of the nerves. Expand
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An analysis of the main symptoms complained of by 198 consecutive patients who attended the out-patient department at the Bradford Royal Infirmary and of 151 who attended at St. Luke’s Hospital, is shown. Expand