Anatomical variations of the coeliac trunk in the homogeneous Polish population.


BACKGROUND The abdominal vessels show a number of abnormalities and pathologies knowledge of which is important during open as well as laparoscopic surgeries. One of the most common vessels which pattern has many variations is the coeliac trunk. The present study was undertaken on homogeneous population to assess morphology of the coeliac trunk and to evaluate the possible variability of its branches. MATERIALS AND METHODS Standard abdominal multidetector computed tomography examinations were performed on a total of 1569 patients diagnosed by 2 radiologists independently; in case of doubts common assessment was performed. RESULTS The coeliac trunk followed the classic pattern in 92.7% of the cases (1455/1569 of patients). The gastrosplenic trunk was detected in 4.1% of cases (64/1569); the hepatosplenic trunk in 2.2% of cases (34/1569); the coeliac-mesenteric trunk was observed in 0.5% of cases (8/1569); the hepatogastric trunk in 0.2% of cases (4/1569); the splenomesenteric trunk was detected in 0.1% of cases (2/1569). In the next 0.1% the coeliac trunk was absent. The hepatosplenomesenteric and the coeliac-colic trunk were not observed in the study population. CONCLUSIONS Vascular anatomical abnormality is usually asymptomatic hovewer, its preoperative knowledge is helpful to reduce complications like vascular bleeding when dissecting the hapato-pancreatic region. The coeliac trunk and its branches can be fast and easy evaluated in computed tomography exams performed due to various symptoms from abdominal cavity.

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2014.0059

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