Anatomical studies on the ovine spinal cord.

  title={Anatomical studies on the ovine spinal cord.},
  author={G. Sethuram Rao},
  journal={Anatomischer Anzeiger},
  volume={171 4},
The root attachment lengths were consistently greater in the cranial cervical (C3), midthoracic (T7), caudal lumbar (L5) and cranial sacral (S1) cord segment levels than the corresponding caudal cervical, caudal thoracic, cranial lumbar and caudal sacral levels respectively. As to the root emergence length the greatest values were obtained bilaterally at C3, T1, L4 and S1 cord segment levels respectively. The interroot intervals were maximum at C3, T13, L1 and S1 cord levels in the respective… CONTINUE READING