Anatomical identification of active contacts in subthalamic deep brain stimulation.

  title={Anatomical identification of active contacts in subthalamic deep brain stimulation.},
  author={Francesco Vergani and Andrea Landi and Angelo Antonini and Michele Parolin and Roberto Cilia and Marco Grimaldi and Carlo Ferrarese and Sergio Gaini and Erik P. Sganzerla},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={67 2},
  pages={140-6; discussion 146-7}
BACKGROUND Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation is a valid surgical procedure for the treatment of idiopathic PD, although its precise mechanism of action is still unclear; moreover, there are no conclusive data about the functional anatomy of the human subthalamic region. Identifying the location of active contacts for StnDBS can yield interesting insights on the mechanisms of action of DBS and the different role played by the anatomical structures of the subthalamic region. METHODS Twenty… CONTINUE READING
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