Anatomical and biochemical studies of the opioid peptides and related substances in the brain

  title={Anatomical and biochemical studies of the opioid peptides and related substances in the brain},
  author={Stanley J. Watson and Huda Akil and J. Michael Walker},
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β‐Endorphin/ACTH immunocytochemistry in the CNS of the lizard Anolis carolinensis: Evidence for a major mesencephalic cell group

A major finding of this study is the localization of a previously undetected mesencephalic cell group which exhibits immunoreactivity to β‐endorphin, ACTH, and α‐MSH.



Evidence for two separate opiate peptide neuronal systems

WHEN Hughes et al.1 first described the sequences of the enkephalins, they pointed out that methionine–enkephalin (met-enkephalin) could be found in β-lipotropin (β-LPH 61–65). The entire C-terminal

Neurons containing beta-endorphin in rat brain exist separately from those containing enkephalin: immunocytochemical studies.

Well-characterized antisera to porcine beta-endorphin were used to localize immunoreactive sites in cryostat sections of formaldehyde-fixed rat brain and are anatomically distinguishable from enkephalin-containing nerve cell and fiber pathways.

Evidence for a long Leu-enkephalin striopallidal pathway in rat brain

The presence of enkephalin-immunoreactive fibres in the globus pallidus is confirmed, and using specific lesions have shown this immunoreactivity to be abolished by destruction of the neural connections between the Globus Pallidus and the caudoputamen.

a-MSH in rat brain: occurrence within and outside of fl-endorphin neurons

It appears likely that the 31K precursorS,19, 26 for pituitary ACTH, fl-LPH and fl-END is present in rat hypothalamic neurons as well, and the existence of ACTH-like material in brain, which appeared to survive hypophysectomy is revealed.

Existence of a common precursor to ACTH and endorphin in the anterior and intermediate lobes of the rat pituitary.

Extracts of rat anterior and intermediate-posterior pituitary were fractionated by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and assayed for immunoactive ACTH and endorphin. In both

Opioid peptide enkephalin: immunohistochemical mapping in rat central nervous system.

In certain regions enkephalin immunofluorescence corresponds closely with the distribution of autoradiographic opiate receptor grains.

Andrenocorticotropin and β-lipotropin in the hypothalamus

The observations establish that ACTH and β-LPH are contained in the same nerve cells that stongly favor biosynthesis in brain, probably from a common precursor molecule, as has been demonstrated in the pituitary gland.

Presence of corticotropin in brain of normal and hypophysectomized rats.

The present data suggest that such immunoreactive ACTH may have a diencephalic rather than pituitary origin and raise the question of the functional significance of such ACTH.