Anatomical MRI study of basal ganglia in bipolar disorder patients

  title={Anatomical MRI study of basal ganglia in bipolar disorder patients},
  author={Paolo Brambilla and Keith Harenski and Mark A Nicoletti and Alan G. Mallinger and Jair C. Soares},
  journal={Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging},
This study examined possible anatomical abnormalities in basal ganglia structures in bipolar disorder patients. Caudate and putamen gray matter volumes, and globus pallidus total volume were measured with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 22 DSM-IV bipolar patients (age+/-S.D.=36+/-10 years; eight drug-free and 14 lithium monotherapy patients) and 22 matched healthy control subjects (age+/-S.D.=38+/-10 years). No significant differences were found between bipolar patients and healthy control… CONTINUE READING


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