Anatomic variations of the deep palmar arteries in man.

  title={Anatomic variations of the deep palmar arteries in man.},
  author={Antonio Mezzogiorno and Cosimo Passiatore and Vincenzo Mezzogiorno},
  journal={Acta anatomica},
  volume={149 3},
The deep palmar circulation is constituted by the deep palmar arch. In most cases this is a complete arch formed by the radial artery and its continuation to a deep branch of the ulnar artery. In a few cases, the deep palmar circulation is formed only by the radial or the ulnar artery. Only rarely is there a complete absence of the deep palmar arch. A series of 60 vascular casts was examined in order to identify the primary variants of the deep palmar arterial supply. Four anatomic patterns… CONTINUE READING

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