[Anatomic study of 2 sternopagus. Is the separation possible?].


Trough two cases of Sternopagus, study of classification of conjoined twins with precise definition of anatomic characteristic of Sternopagus. Description of our own subject and review of literature. At the end of this study, it is evident that the heart and vascular fusion is always complicated. So, the true Sternopagus are inseparable and no likely to… (More)


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@article{Guitard1990AnatomicSO, title={[Anatomic study of 2 sternopagus. Is the separation possible?].}, author={Jacques Guitard and Jacques Moscovici and B Deslaugiers and Ph Vaysse and S. Juskiewenski}, journal={Chirurgie pediatrique}, year={1990}, volume={31 4-5}, pages={265-71} }