Anatomic and clinical correlations of the lenticulostriate arteries.

  title={Anatomic and clinical correlations of the lenticulostriate arteries.},
  author={Slobodan Marinkovi{\'c} and Hirohiko Gibo and Milan Milisavljevi{\'c} and Mila {\'C}etkovi{\'c}},
  journal={Clinical anatomy},
  volume={14 3},
The authors examined the lenticulostriate (perforating) arteries in the vascular casts of 48 middle cerebral arteries (MCA), as well as in the MRI or CT scans of 32 patients with cerebral infarcts in the MCA territory. The lenticulostriate arteries ranged between two and 12 in number, and from 80 microm to 1,400 microm in size. They originated from the main trunk, terminal trunks, bifurcation site, and/or leptomeningeal branches of the MCA, either separately or from common trunks (70.8%). The… CONTINUE READING


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