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Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems

  title={Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems},
  author={Uri Gordon},
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........................................................................................................................v CHAPTER ONE: BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION FOR THE INQUIRY

'Occupying' Anarchism and Discovering the Means for Social Justice: Interrogating the Anarchist Turn in 21st Century Social Movements.

The purpose of this thesis is to take the individual on a journey about what it is like to be engaged in radical anti-systemic activism in the 21 Century. Along this journey the reader will learn

Legislate or liberate? : a study of anarchist and parliamentary left approaches to animal advocacy in Britain

This thesis makes an original contribution to knowledge by exploring parliamentary left and anarchistic approaches to animal advocacy using a Critical Animal Studies (CAS) framework. This is

Anti-leaders(hip) in Social Movement Organizations: The case of autonomous grassroots groups

Through the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement, the idea of horizontal, leaderless organization has come to the attention of the mass media. In this article we explore radical,

Postanarchism: A critical assessment1

Post-modernism has had a significant influence on anarchism, notably in the interrelation between the theoretical positions of libertarianism and post-structuralism (a set of theories and

Smashing the state gently: Radical realism and realist anarchism

  • G. Brinn
  • Art
    European Journal of Political Theory
  • 2019
The revival of realism in political theory has included efforts to challenge realism’s conservative reputation and argue that radical forms are possible. Nonetheless these efforts have been

Political Anarchism and Raz’s Theory of Authority

This article argues that using Joseph Raz’s service conception of authority to reject philosophical anarchism can be affected by political anarchism. Whereas philosophical anarchism only denies the

Red Feminism In The Age Of Neoliberalism

Author: Emily Sullivan Title: Red Feminism in the Age of Neoliberalism Supervising Professor: Robert Jensen, Ph.D. This paper begins with a brief exploration the main currents of feminist theory

Revolutionary practice and prefigurative politics: A clarification and defense

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Radical Ground: Israeli and Palestinian Activists and Joint Protest Against the Wall

This paper will seek to address a new and vibrant development within the field of Israeli–Palestinian socio-politics and social movement studies. By interrogating the received wisdom surrounding



Anarchism: A Theoretical Analysis

Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Liberty and public censure in anarchist thought 2. The goal of anarchism: communal individuality 3. Varieties of anarchy 4. The anarchists as critics of established

The environment : between theory and practice

Introduction PART I: WHY HASN'T ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHY HAD AN IMPACT ON POLICIES? 1. The social role of the philosopher and the philosophical role of society 2. Where philosophy meets politics: the

Ideologies and political theory : a conceptual approach

Ideologies play a crucial role in the way we understand and shape the political world. But no one has yet satisfactorily explained the nature of ideologies themselves. Michael Freeden here offers a

Crazy for Democracy: Women in Grassroots Movements

1. Introduction: Women Prophets and the Struggle for Human Rights 2. Suburban Blight and Situation Comedy 3. "When it Rains, I get Mad and Scared": Women and Environmental Racisms 4. Homemaker

Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Social Cooperation in Politics, Economy, and Society

Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Freedom, reciprocity, and democracy 2. Ontological foundations of democracy 3. Social ontology and the question of foundationalism in ethics 4. Economic justice,

Expressions of Identity: Space, Performance, Politics

About the book: This innovative book sets out to question what we understand by the term `new social movements'. By examining a range of issues associated with identity politics and alternative

The State as Rational Authority: An Anarchist Justification of Government

-Joseph Raz's defence of government is grounded in his 'normal justification thesis'. This thesis justifies the exercise of state authority in just those cases where subjects are more likely to

Time, Labor, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx's Critical Theory

Part I. A Critique of Traditional Marxism: 1. Rethinking Marx's critique of capitalism 2. Presuppositions of traditional Marxism 3. The limits of traditional Marxism and the pessimistic turn of

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by the character Emmanuel Goldstein, is the fictional book that is used as a thematic and plot element in the dystopian novel Nineteen

Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction

Foreword 1. Definitions and ancestors 2. Revolutionary moments 3. States, societies, and the collapse of socialism 4. Deflating nationalism and fundamentalism 5. Containing deviancy and liberating